Recovery and Resilience Facility

Recovery Fund - What is it?

It is a European mechanism for financing significant private investments, which, for Greece, offers:

  • 18.43 billion euros in subsidies of at least 50% of the investors' equity
  • 12.73 billion euros in loans to support the investments of businesses from the domestic financial system and/or European Financial Institutions

billion euros
2021 to 2026

Who is eligible to get it?

The Recovery Fund is provided to business proposals that promote:

Digital transformation

Green transition


Innovation - research & development

Partnerships, acquisitions & mergers

Eligibility costs

The eligibility costs that can be included in the investment plans are

  • Land: purchase or lease
  • Buildings: purchase or lease
  • Equipment purchase
  • Vehicles purchase or lease
  • Payroll related to the investment plan
  • Transportation / expenses
  • Third party services
  • Consumables
  • Operating costs
  • Capital costs
  • Promotion and communication costs (Marketing)

The Recovery Fund co-finances private investments of companies of all sizes together with loan funds of banking institutions, at a rate of up to 50%.

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Our services

Pre-evaluation of the investment plan

Preparation of a study - dossier for the inclusion of the investment

Monitoring of the evaluation process

Monitoring of the progress of the project, preparation of audits and disbursements

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