Corporate Restructuring / Rebuild performance

Corporate Restructuring

The main priorities of the companies concern the improvement of their efficiency both in terms of cost and in terms of operation and the upgrade of their internal processes and technological infrastructure.

It has now become clear that the focus on loan settlement alone is not enough for a company to successfully negotiate its recovery and secure support from its contractors (suppliers, banks, etc.).

Business viability now focuses on the business model of each company.

What is Restructuring

It is the process followed by a company in order to restructure its financial, legal, proprietary, operational or other structures in order to become more profitable or better organized for its current needs.

It involves the preparation, elaboration and support of the implementation of a business plan while training the entrepreneur and the staff in a new model of operation of the company with the aim of realizing its vision and returning to profitability.

We approach the process anthropocentrically, thus avoiding the sterile technocratic perspective.

Who is affected by it

  • Companies that face a set of challenges, some of which are: low or non-existent competitiveness, reduced growth or even shrinkage, declining revenues, lack of cash flow, low performance, changing customer base, declining sales.
  • Companies whose structure and operation must change in order to cope with the growing trends.
John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy

Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future

Why should a company choose restructuring?

  • To reduce operating costs.
  • To become or to remain profitable
  • To cope with the future increase in its size
  • To focus or redefine the main pillars of its business activity.
  • To integrate new technology.
  • To use its resources in a better way and more efficiently.
  • To proceed with a merger / acquisition by another company.
  • To reduce debt.

What is the purpose of


Performance optimization

Economic sustainability

What do we do

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    Assessment of current situation / available resources

    Strategic plan development

    Restructuring plan

    Implementation & adjustments

    Condorex Consulting Services


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