CONDOREX CONSULTING SERVICES was created by a team of executives with long experience in different, but intertwined fields.
The purpose of the company is, through the combination of experience and know-how, to offer its customers integrated and effective services.
With our core values the quality, reliability and respect for the needs of our customers, we manage to expand their vision and offer them the way to make it happen.
Our job is to secure the present and open new horizons for the future.



of experience


Very small, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSEs) represent 99% of businesses in the EU. They provide two-thirds of private sector jobs and contribute more than half of the total value added created by businesses in the EU.

Consulting firms usually target their business strategies towards large companies. However, they often forget that MSEs offer great potential and they are the large companies of the future. They have the potential to be a “development and employment machine”, but “they have to deal with competition in domestic and international markets” in their way to success.

We know that in the MSEs the entrepreneur is much closer to the daily operation of the company. Although cost reduction is always one of its targets, the focus tends to be on “needs” rather than “desires” and, in most cases, on dealing with daily crises. Immediate critical business needs will take precedence over time given to strategic decisions. With this key factor in mind, we approach our customers so as to listen, discuss and quickly offer viable solutions to serious and urgent issues that are necessary for the survival and prosperity of the business.


Character is doing the right thing when nobody's looking. (JC Watts)


If your actions have a just cause, you will have the gods as allies. (Menander)


When we commit ourselves, we implement to the fullest extent.


For the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack. (Kipling)


Growth and knowledge are in our DNA.

Bonnie Bowers
Chairman & CEO
Abraham Anderson
Executive Vice President
Angel May
Chief Financial Officer
Preston Griffith
Chief Financial Officer

Condorex Consulting Services


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